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Medical  Care:

Different from other public areas, the air environment in the hospital is more easily contaminated by verious kinds of bacterias and viruses, so filtrating the hospital air is an important measure to reduce the infection probability. Air filter, a key part of hospital air-conditioning system , plays an important role in keeping the air cleanliness of all hospital departments. Approved by many domestic hospitals,Yantair's air filters have been widely used and have been providing more safe and more confortable air environment for patients,visitors ,as well as  medical care specialists.



Typical Client:

Beijing Tiantan Hospital;
Peking Universary Third hospital;
Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Nanjing Gulou Hospital;
Yunnan Provincial Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital;
The Affilicated Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical College;
The Affiliated Second Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University;
The Afficiliated Central Hospital of Shenyang Medical College;
Qingdao Municipal Hospital;
Shanghai Xinhua Hospital;
Bethune International Peace Hospital;
The Afficilated Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University;




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