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Testing Equipment




Sodium Flame Platform

Inspect high-efficiency filters.We inspect each high-efficiency filter with partition via a sodium flame platform before delivery.

In the sodium flame platform made in accordance with the national standard GB6165-85 Methods for Testing the Performance of High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter -Penetration and Resistance, the aerosol is sodium chloride solution. Characteristic light with a length of about 589 nm is sent out through hydrogen flame excitation to sodium atoms at a high temperature and transforms into a current value via a photoelectric converter, thus measuring the initial efficiency of each filter.

General Ventilation Filter Test Bed

Test general ventilation filters.We carry out sampling inspection on our general ventilation filters with this equipment according to GB/T 2828 Sampling Inspection by Counting.

General ventilation test bed designed and made in accordance with the European Standard EN779 generates test aerosol with a Laskin nozzle, and takes samples from the upper and downstream of the measured filter through a laser particle counter, thus testing the full efficiency of the filter.


MPPS Inspection Bed

Test HEPA filters.We test all the partition-free high-efficiency filters of different specifications and models with this equipment before packing.

MPPS test bed is introduced abroad and adopts the main HEPA filter test method in the world-counting and scanning method.The test dust source is dispersed droplets generated with a Laskin nozzle. It scans and tests the whole filter outlet with a large-flow laser particle counter. The counter shall test the number and particle size of dust at each point.


Chemical Inspection Bed

For testing the performance of chemical filters