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Smoke and Dust Controlling
The air environment in tobacco plant and in welding workshop usually contains higher concentrations of dust smoke, so the air filters inside the central air-conditration system should have outstanding performance,such as lower resistance, higher efficiency, higher strength and longer service life.
     With rich production experience and R&D strength,Yantair successfully lunched self-cleaning air filtration unit composed of cartridge type air filter, matched installing frame,pulse-jet self cleaning system and some other parts for this field. Yantair also developed dedicated washable wire mesh air filter, washable pocket air filter and some other special purpose filters.
     Yantair's air filters have been widely used in this field for more than 15 years and enjoy good reputation from our clients.    
Typical Client:
Qingzhou Cigarette Plant of China Tobacco Shandong Industrial Co.,Ltd.
China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Wuhan Cigarette Plant of China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Co.,Ltd.
China Tobacco Hongta(Liaoning) Cigarette Co.,Ltd.
China Tobacco Gansu Cigarette Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Changde Cigarette Plant of China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Baoji Cigarette Plant of China Tobacco Shanxi Industrial Co.,Ltd.
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