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Microelectronic Field:

    Advanced production process usually require high cleanliness air environment.Micro-electronics industry is the representative of differnt kinds of advanced production process.
    Typical Field:Chip Plant, liquid Crystal Manufacturer ,Crystal Manufacturer.
    Yantair made HEPA filter and ULPA filter,as well as chemical filter are widely used in micro-electronics field, which can not only ensure the product passing rate,but also can guarantee the steadiness of production techniques. Under the control of ISO9001 quality management system,Yantair's HEPA filter,ULPA filter are produced in cleanly workshop and are scanned and  tested one by one before packing to ensure the filter quality and performance. Yantair's chemical filters are  specially designed to control AMC in the micro-electronics production environment.
Typical Client:
Advanced Semi-conductor
Ji Ya Electronics
Beijing Tongmei Xtal Technology Co., Ltd.
BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.
China Aerospace 513 Institute
Xi'an Aerospace 771 Institute.
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