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Public Construction:
Public Construction
  In recent years, hazy weather, PM2.5  and  indoor air quality have already become people's hot topics. Air environment inside the public construction is seperated from that of outdoor. The enclosed centralizing air-conditioning ventilation system can improve the air quality inside the public construction and has already become an important measure to guarantee the health safety in public places.
    Typical Place:Hotel,Office Building, Airport, Museum, School,Commercial Complex, Gymnasium,Conference Center,etc.
    Yantair made air filters are widely used in centralizing air-conditioning ventilation system and can effectively prevent pollutional air from getting inside and guarantee human health.
    Playing an important role in fighting with hazy weather in recent years,Yantair air filter products has become  a firm choice in many important places and national conference centers.  Yantair  can also  provide custom designed PM2.5 controling solution according to client's  usage environment.
Typical Client:
Shanghai Pudong Airport
Xiantao Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao Traffic Hub
Water Cube
Hangzhou Metro
Chengdu Subway
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